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Here is the link for the recorded video that Rafi Feuerstein prepared for NAFA members for the September 25, 2010, Webinar:


Because it is posted at TeacherTube, once you follow the link given above you will need to take a few minutes to register (it's free) in order to establish a user name and password.  Then you can watch the video.


Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein - Deputy Chairman of the Feuerstein Institute, formerly ICELP

Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein was born and educated in Israel. His higher education began in the‘Merkaz Harav’ Yeshiva in Jerusalem and continued at the ‘Pesagot’ Institute for Higher Education in Dayan Studies [to become a Religious Judge]. In 1994 Rafi Feuerstein was ordained as a Rabbi and he began studies for an MA in psychology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 1995 he acted as founder and member of the Board of the ‘Tzohar’ Organization. He also spent five years as the rabbi of Kibbutz Ein Tzurim, until the year 2000.

Rabbi Rafi Feuerstein has also held the position of Vice-Chairman of the International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential from 1994 to date. He delivers workshops and lectures in Israel and around the world, in academic international conferences and other settings, on theoretical areas of Cognitive Psychology and dynamic assessment (LPAD – Learning Propensity Assessment Device). Together with his father, Prof. Reuven Feuerstein, he has developed the LPAD-Basic Battery of Tests for the cognitive-dynamic assessment of pre-school children, as well as the Downward Extension of Instrumental Enrichment (IE-B) program. Rabbi Feuerstein is presently working researching his doctoral thesis, which aims to appraise the link between air force cadets’ meta-cognitive functioning, using mediated learning techniques, and the decrease in in-flight stress and its repercussions.
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