About NAFA

Welcome to the North American Feuerstein Alliance (NAFA).

We are a group of professional educators who have been enriched through our association with Reuven Feuerstein and his lifelong effort to improve the cognitive abilities of children and adults. We are firm believers in the wisdom of Feuerstein’s theory of Structural Cognitive Modifiability and its applied methodologies of assessment--the Learning Propensity Assessment Device (LPAD)--and intervention--the Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Program (FIE).

We have formed an organization whose sole purpose is to spread the good word about Feuerstein and his work. We believe that the programs created by Reuven Feuerstein and his son, Rafi Feuerstein, provide educators with the knowledge and practical techniques that will enable them to effectively address the critical needs of education in our challenging world.

We invite you to learn as much as possible about the life and work of Reuven Feuerstein and we hope that you will join us in our effort to improve the cognitive abilities of children and adults through the use of his programs.