Benefits of Joining NAFA

One of the greatest benefits is the knowledge that you are among the founding members of the North American Feuerstein Alliance.  When we organized in the spring of 2008, we had 38 members, and we are growing each year as more educators, psychologists, therapists, parents, and other interested individuals want to be included in our network of colleagues associated with the theories and  methodologies of Dr. Reuven Feuerstein. 

Currently, the seven specific privileges of joining NAFA are as follows:

(1) Access to the "Members Only" portion of this NAFA website, where we share training materials, marketing ideas, membership directory information, photographs, and other such information to help us promote the work of Professor Feuerstein in North America.

(2) Having your name and contact information listed on this NAFA website as a Practioner and/or as a Trainer for Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment (FIE) and/or as a certified administrator of the Learning Propensity Assessment Device (LPAD).  This listing would be available both to non-members interested in hiring a tutor, assessor, or  trainer as well as to those members who might know of a need for a tutor, assessor, or trainer.  The idea would be to pool our talents so that the best expertise and strengths are available where needed.

(3) Access to the NAFA Blog located on the homepage of this NAFA website.  Here we can communicate in asynchronous time in an informal digital environment that is not available to the casual observer of the website.

(4) Receipt of the quarterly newsletter which contains up-to-date information about NAFA.

(5) Participation privileges in our (hopefully) annual (but at least biannual) conference, either via Webinar technologies or in person at a specified geographic location.

(6) Receipt of periodic emails as we keep members informed of Feuerstein-related activities.

(7) The opportunity to become an officer or Board Member of NAFA and thus influence the growth and direction through the years as we become an active and strong force in North American learning environments.