Message from Reuven

Here are the links for Professor Feuerstein's recorded message to NAFA for the September 25, 2010 Webinar:

To view Rafi's video, click here.

Because they are posted at TeacherTube, once you follow the link given above you will need to take a few minutes to register (it's free) in order to establish a user name and password.  Then you can watch the videos.

We received this email on August 15, 2010:

I received your newsletter and would like to congratulate you for the very meaningful and powerful work you do. I feel that you are real pioneers who try to have a break through as if you have to bring air to children living in an environment which is pretty closed down.

I hope you have seen the foreword by John Bransford to our recent book Beyond Smarter. Bransford is now a recognized scholar in the field of learning processes. I wonder whether you shouldn’t include in some way the foreword in your newsletter. You will have to ask for permission from the publisher,  but I think they will give it to you and will send you also a description of the book and some blurbs written by a few people.

We have prepared for you the DVDs with our greetings to your audience [for the September 25 Webinar] and hope it will serve its purpose. Again thanking you for all you do and the expression of my admiration to your work,

I am yours,
Reuven Feuerstein


We received this email on March 2, 2010:

I don’t think I have the right words to tell you how I feel about NAFA and how I felt when reading your last newsletter. It really made me feel the significance of our common mission - that we must give way to materialize the belief and to have the satisfaction of seeing children who need our help and believe that it is possible indeed to receive all they need in order to make it."

"Congratulations for the beautifully written and excellently shaped newsletter. I hope to have an opportunity to contribute to it in a meaningful way. I will content myself to impart to you all of my newly formulated justification of the concept of modifiability. Nowadays the most important element in human cognitive functioning is, that it doesn’t matter how much you know unless you can learn more in order to adapt yourself to the great changes occurring in modern life. The quality of modifiability is the most important quality of human beings. By the way, in Hebrew we don’t refer to the person as a wise man – "chaham" – but as a "scholar wise man" - "talmid chacham", pointing out that it is not enough to be wise. It is the possibility to continue to learn the kind of wisdom you will need in order to adapt yourself to the changes imposed by life."