Mission & Purpose

The goal of the North American Feuerstein Alliance (NAFA) is to promote the theory and applied systems of Reuven Feuerstein as an educational vehicle throughout North America.
The Objectives of NAFA are as follows:
Objective 1: To build a community of learners interested in the promotion of Feuerstein's theory and applied systems in North America, with no intent to duplicate services provided by the Feuerstein Institute (formerly ICELP), ATCs, or Independent Authorized Trainers. 

Objective 2: To encourage research and collect and disseminate research reports on applications of Feuerstein’s theory and applied systems.
Objective 3: To hold a biennial conference in North America that will facilitate the sharing of best practices and theoretical developments among NAFA membership and among other organizations and individuals interested in Feuerstein’s theory and applied systems.

Objective 4:· To collaborate with the Feuerstein Institute (formerly the International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential, ICELP) in the advancement of Feuerstein’s theory and applied systems in North America.

Objective 5: To provide up-to-date contact information of active ATCs and Independent Trainers in North America.  Also to provide information regarding training opportunities in Canada and the United States for Feuerstein's Programs:  Instrumental Enrichment, Instrumental Enrichment Basic, and the Learning Propensity Assessment Device.

As an alliance of individuals interested in the theory and applied practices based on Reuven Feuerstein's work, our sole purpose is to encourage, support, and promote the use of Feuerstein's theory, work, and programs to improve the cognitive abilities of children and adults in North America.  Currently, NAFA has no intent to show a profit or sell any product.