The Research section is designed to provide useful information for both the newcomer to and the experienced user of Professor Reuven Feuerstein's Structural Cognitive Modifiability theory and accompanying Mediated Learning Experience methodologies.  

The sub-menus in this section attempt to help support the recognized need to show success in using the Feuerstein program with learners having a variety of cognitive weaknesses.  The problem is that it is difficult to measure qualitative change on any sort of standardized scale.  Because the program mediates for positive change in a learner's affective and attitude domain as well as in the cognitive domain, anecdotal evidence sometimes provides the best indicators of individual growth.  Therefore, included in this section are testimonials both from people taking the training and from students and other clients who have been mediated to by trained practitioners of Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment.

The work of the NAFA Research Committee (the first sub-menu item) offers several resources for those interested in reading formal quantitative studies of FIE implementations.