The following are excerpts from various professionals and/or individuals who are using IE and LPAD:

 Successful Clinical Therapy Using IE Following Brain Tumor Surgery by Kimberly Perry and Nicholas Griffin

. . . For the first time in the 20 months since surgery, Nick is able to play his guitar, WELL! His memory, cognitive function and even his disposition and moods are astoundingly better! What’s more, Nick absolutely loves the program. He greatly enjoys every session with David and comes away tired from a good brain workout, but with a new sense of accomplishment and, as David always says, “Hope and Optimism!” It is quite obvious that David has a passion for what he does. He builds Nick up and fills him with that infectious optimism. Nick says that he feels like he is “waking up” and is talking about going back to college. Or, since this program has had such a profound effect on his life, Nick says that perhaps he will go into this work as it is so effective and so desperately needed. This program WORKS. It really works. It needs to be in every single school, orphanage, correctional institute and psychiatric hospital in the country. .                                        Read entire text

A Perspective of FIE in the Homeschool Tutorial Community  by Nora Davis, Nashville, Tennessee

. . . Our  homeschool community was enthusiastic to learn about the mediation techniques and the idea of having FIE classes at the tutorial centers. Parents of children with special needs were particularly eager to hear more about it. We began FIE classes in the fall of 2008.  Overall, the confidence level in the students increased dramatically by the end of the first year.  .  .  .I also teach science at the tutorial and had two of the FIE students in my class. One of the students who had FIE the previous year maintained the best grades in the Life Science class. . .  .                               Read entire text.

 Using IE with a Middle-School Male by Susan Evans, Louisville, Kentucky

FIE is a masterfully designed program that actually helps students become more strategic thinkers in school and in real life situations. I would characterize FIE as highly novel and engaging. The program appeals to students because the tasks are non academic, often humorous, and challenging – and there is no homework.                                Read entire text.

 IE with Special Needs Student, Using Organization of Dots by Yazdell Avarez, Niceville, Florida

Positive changes were observed in “Kyle” after 2 months. He was learning to suppress impulsivity by talking about planning and strategies not only for the FIE instruments, but also to bring order to his daily life ant school and at home. He was able to manage assignments and was a lot happier because he was not getting in trouble for work that was incomplete!

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 Using IE in the Clinical Setting by Rebecca Lepak, Walled Lake, Michigan

I am a certified speech and language pathologist. I am owner and director of a speech and language company called Lepak & Associates P.C. We have been in business for 13 years. I have been involved with IE for the past five years. I have completed all the basic and standard instruments. My team has been certified in 10 or more of the instruments. We work with children, adolescents, and adults with developmental disorders including: Autism, Aspergers, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Expressive and Receptive Language delays, Articulation Disorders, Language Based Reading Delays, Language Based Writing Delays, etc. . . . Disequilibrium is one of our favorite techniques utilized in the FIE programs. It allows a student to struggle to find the satisfaction of achieving. Building intrinsic motivation is always tricky, yet very powerful. This program teaches it with consistent mediated practice.                                                               Read entire text.

IE Through Elementary Students' Eyes  by students at East Allen County Schools, New Haven, Indiana, compiled and submitted by Dr. Jeanne Zehr, former Assistant Superintendent East Allen County Schools

This page expired me. All of these dots pages change me to be organized I’m am going to use organization all threw my life these pages got harder and harder out of 100% on hardness I’ll give this page 97%. This page was hard for me I never thought I come to a point like this in my life when something is this challenging but I stuck to my focus used all the cognitive functions I could use and pulled it off who ever made this was really trying to work our brains.  

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Using IE in a private school with high school students  by Valerie Lovegreen, Principal, Provedince Academy, Orlando, Florida

I am using LPAD and FIE in a variety of ways. I am working with small groups of students and individual students, most between the ages of 9 and 20.  Alicia Braccia, our Executive Director, is a School Psychologist and she is a firm believer in the merits of FIE. She has observed therapy sessions and has seen, first hand, the power in the process. She does a great deal of "static" testing but is very willing to make a referral for LPAD "dynamic" testing. Sometimes we team together and she does the static testing and I do LPAD. We have a 25 year old male whom we've both tested and we have the conference to share the results with his parents coming up soon. She is also very adept at identifying who needs LPAD and FIE as she speaks with new clients on the phone,
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Using IE with an 8th grade student by Tanya Barnick, Therapy Services Director, Rocky Bayou Christian School, Niceville, Florida

Benji is a bright student in the 8th grade college prep. track. He is also a student that struggles with dyslexia, impulsivity, organizing written expression, and organization in general. At the beginning of the academic year, he frequently spoke out without thinking first, rushed through assignments, and had what might be considered atrocious handwriting. His executive function skills were not very evident during the classroom activities. However, that slowly began to change over the school year as the FIE techniques were utilized and transferred to subject area content.
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